Some recent finds July 31 – Aug 2

I post most of my finds as links on Twitter, but I started this blog as I was getting requests from folks to repost those finds. Here’s a list of some highlights from the last few days:

Aug 2nd:

You as An Action Figure
Japanese toymaker Bandai Co. is making you into an action figure. ‘Jibun Damashii,’ the customized dolls, were unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show in July. Send the company a photo of yourself and they will recreate your mug onto a lifelike action figure face.Guerrilla Art: Cupcake street art installations

Your mug

Your mug

You as a cool tricked out hero

You as a cool tricked out hero

Some Do’s and Don’ts for raising babies

If you’re a parent, or ever spent a modicum amount of time with an infant, you’ll see the humour in these pics. According to the original blog: “the pictures seem to be from a book by David and Kelly Sopp. All credits go to them, for the marvelous book! If you like it, you can buy it on Amazon, as it would make a great gift:






Aug 1
22 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
As mentioned above, there are 22 tutorials, so check the post for the full list.

Use Adobe Illustrator to Create a Clean Website Layout

Design with Swirls and Flourishes

Tips for Working with the Gradient Mesh Tool In Illustrator

Create a Themed Repeating Pattern in Illustrator

The Basics of Clipping Paths and Opacity Masks

Doodle Style Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator


Steampunk monkey cigarette card set
Did I mention I’m into steampunk? It crops up from time to time. This is a find by Damian Smith of Kryptographik (via for a set of Steampunk monkey cigarette card set. What is a cigarette card set any way? Can wiser souls explain to me please? But I like the simian steampunk designs. The post on BoingBoing has all the artist info.

Steampunk Monkey

Steampunk Monkey

The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time

I’ll be making my therapist rich with these ads. Some are just so disturbing – baby accidents, domestic abuse, hari kari ham – oh my! What was going on during those board meetings to think these are the best ways to hawk these products? To quote the blog: “What do murder, pedophilia, suicide and a baby tiger have in common? They have all been used to sell stuff in these amazingly disturbing vintage ads!” Check out all 15 ads here





How To Use Bacon To Make Your Life Incredible And Amazing –
Well, that title just peaks for itself doesn’t it? Click the image for the full size version in the original post.


10 Excellent Services To Get Feedback For Your Design Works | Inspired Magazine
This is a list of some useful services to help you make sure your design is going where it’s supposed to:

Five Second Test

Concept Feedback

Design Critique


Feedback Army

Concept Feedback

The whole list is here
July 31
6 Crazy discoveries Science can’t yet explain
noodle_large always has some choice lists of wild things. I recommend them for their great posts and comments. This list includes:
The Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica
The Baghdad Batteries
The Baigong Pipes

It’s just nuts – go read it here

Excuse me – there’s a freeway in my building

The Inquisitor reported: “So this is what happens when you have two stubborn parties come together. The Hanshin Expressway takes a shortcut through the 5th and 7th floors of the Fukushima Gate Tower; also known as the Bee Hive. Apparently back in 1992; when this conglomeration of road and building came together, the building owner wanted to tear down the old building and rebuild. However the city planners had already allocated that space for the expressway.

This is the agreement they came to when neither party wanted to change their plans.”

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Are you new to Steampunk?

What is this genre? It can be more than illustrative, it can be decorative, fanciful, imaginative and totally cool. Its popularity grew in the 1980s and early 1990s. Some people have stated that’s it’s had it’s day – but I try not to worry about being unhip.
Steampunk describes an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Steam and clockworks replace silicon logic, brass and copper stand in for titanium and plastic, steam power instead of petroleum and airships replace spaceships.

Some pop culture movies that touched this theme are Wild Wild West (1999 Will Smith, Kevin Kline) and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004 Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow) and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel).

Here’s some great examples:

Steampunk Airship Pilot by homarusrex (via Deviant art)

Steampunk Airship Pilot by homarusrex (via Deviant art)

Russian artist: Vladimir Gvozdev

Russian artist: Vladimir Gvozdev

Luxury Nauiloid by Keith Thompson

Luxury Nauiloid by Keith Thompson

Title: The Fall of Icarus   Author: Nigel Quarless

Title: The Fall of Icarus Author: Nigel Quarless

Some more sources:

Great pics and contest reviews:
Gizmodo Blog

The Magazine for all things Steampunk related:
Steampunk Magazine

Where to buy your gear:
Steampunk Emporium

Steampunk Projects:
Steampunk Lab

One of my fav shops I found on Twitter:
Steampunk Rings by Catherinette

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